What NATE does

Empowering English teachers to inspire young people

History, Vision and Values

NATE was established in 1963 to provide a forum for development of modern approaches to English teaching. It is an educational charity, governed by a board of Trustees, led by a Director and supported by a team of volunteers, including working group members, regional representatives and English specialists across the world.  Its work over nearly 60 years has been central to the formulation of a progressive, humane approach to English studies underpinned by a conception of the subject that puts student learning at its core.

Today, NATE continues to encourage and develop innovative and reflective approaches appropriate to the contemporary classroom, reporting to teachers on developments in policy, practice and research, and giving an independent voice to the profession.   It has an important international role through its research journal, English in Education, and close links with IFTE (the International Federation for the Teaching of English).

NATE works locally through its highly successful regional Teachmeets – bringing together English teachers for high quality, free CPD and an opportunity to meet and share good practice. Nationally, NATE supports teachers through its magazines Teaching English and Primary Matters and through conferences, newsletters, publications and research.  NATE works with Routledge to publish a varied, authoritative series of books about teaching English that aims to support teacher professional development and promote excellent practice in classrooms (from early years to university).

NATE’s Working Groups (formerly known as Committees) have played a crucial role in the Association’s history, working to formulate and promulgate progressive ideas about and positions on specific aspects of teaching English, and to help the association shape its responses to policy and curriculum change and development.   Current Working Groups include Post-16 & HE, Multi-cultural & Diversity, Initial Teacher Education, Primary, Secondary, Assessment & Learning and Reviewing Literature.

NATE’s Management and Development team consists of its Director, two part-time consultants (Primary Officer & Secondary Officer), elected Trustees and co-opted members. The trustees are responsible for the strategic direction of NATE, including managing resources, reporting to the Charity Commission and managing staff. NATE’s Director is responsible for implementing the aims of NATE and the development of CPD, membership, collaboration, finance and administration. NATE Council is made up of NATE’s Management & Development Team, Working Group Chairs and co-opted members who discuss NATE’s policy and strategic direction. The administration of NATE is based in offices in Manchester, UK, under the management of its Director.

Below you will find a selection of recent position papers and articles which show how NATE applies these values to current issues in English teaching.

Our values: we strive to be …

  • a leader of research and debate on curriculum design and assessment
  • a provider of effective CPD, consultancy, publications and reports
  • a promoter of good practice
  • a collaborator with key stakeholders, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • an advocate of the cultural and philosophical importance of English as a humane discipline