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Per YearThis is for secondary/middle schools, FE, Sixth Form and HE colleges, university departments, libraries, educational institutions. Online access is available for up to six members of staff.


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Per YearIntended for professionals with a specific interest in the teaching of English.


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Per YearAn additional option for primary teachers and individuals with an interest in English in primary education


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Per YearThis is for anybody working part time or who has retired but wishes to remain in the loop.


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For 1st 12 MonthsThis option is for new trainee teachers only. Membership is free until 31st August 2018 and then is payable at a rate of £3.50 a month until 31st August 2019, when membership is automatically upgraded to Individual Membership and is payable at a rate of £6.50 a month.


*Living outside the UK? Anyone purchasing membership who lives outside of the UK, but in Europe, will need to pay an additional £18 to cover the cost of postage. For anyone outside of Europe who wishes to be a member, this will cost an extra £25 to cover the cost of postage.

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The Perks

Having just finished my teacher training, NATE has provided me with an invaluable bank of resources and support in what could have been the most stressful year of my career. The materials they publish not only encourage me to reflect upon my own teaching practice, but give me the confidence to try out new techniques in the classroom. Teaching English, the termly magazine, encompasses relevant and up to date research and articles which have had a direct impact on my teaching and in turn my pupils. Definitely a worthwhile subscription!

Sheridan Smith – Trainee Teacher Aug 2015

NATE is a real life-line in so many ways for English teachers. Having attended a number of NATE conferences over the years as well used many NATE resources, I know what a wonderful professional association it is: supportive, understanding and incredibly helpful. Every English teacher should join NATE if they want to improve their practice and to have a voice in the wider educational world.

Francis Gilbert -

NATE has been a constant source of support and inspiration throughout my three decades of teaching. Its publications have enabled me to keep abreast of developments in English education from primary to university level, as well as offering a wealth of ideas to try out in the classroom. Now, more than ever, NATE’s commitment to both the theory and practice of teaching makes it an invaluable resource.

Jenny Stevens