Creative Persuasion

Introduction to advertising as media texts

NATE thinks that the KS3 English experience should be more than a preparation for GCSE examination questions. It should be a foundation for independent analysis and appreciation of communication in action, with scope for individual and group creativity, linking visual literacy with print literacy to read the world behind the word and image.

NATE has collaborated with the Ideas Foundation and the Adam and Eve advertising agency to make this a package with all that teachers and students need for detailed study of the art of advertising and the social and ethical issues associated with marketing and the creative industries. It involves all the major English skills, with a mix of solo and group activities and a choice of outcomes. Its focus on visual media texts is designed to engage students of all abilities and to make English an active experience extending beyond the classroom.

The visual sources provide students with real-world texts displaying expertise in creative communication matched to audience and purpose. The tasks based on them integrate and value students’ talk and performance as well as reading and writing. They prompt practical and creative activities to develop and apply knowledge and skills in independent and collaborative work,

The aim of the study package is to develop specifically English skills of response, analysis, evaluation and communication wider and deeper than the skills required for answering timed and tariffed questions in an exam. They are, nevertheless, the same skills that will be called upon in meeting eventual GCSE assessment objectives. They are also skills with a cross-curricular relevance, and a relevance to wider issues of life, work and citizenship.

Creative Persuasion 1

This package uses three adverts for Nike trainers and three adverts for the John Lewis Christmas campaign. It prompts exploration of marketing strategies to appeal to different kinds of audience and the way humour and role models establish the brand identity and reflect demographic diversity. The full scheme is available below for all teachers.

Creative Persuasion 2

This package is based on the theme of toys and childhood development. It prompts reflection on students’ own personal growth before exploring the changing social values reflected in, and possibly caused by, advertising. The material showing the changes in marketing Barbie and boys’ toys over the years engages students with issues of gender, self-esteem and social diversity. To access these resources, please sign in or become a member.

Creative Persuasion 3

Produced in partnership with The Ideas Foundation, Specsavers, BBC, Warburtons, EE and Barclays, students develop digital literacy skills by exploring advertising conventions before producing a targeted marketing campaign. As well as developing critical reading and writing skills, this scheme also explores English beyond the school and classroom. You can view samples below. NATE members will need to login to access all the materials. Not yet a members? Join here.

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