Are you ready for the new GCSE and A Level specifications for England from September 2015?

Hands up if you’ve studied all the specifications. Everyone else, we think you’ll need these….

NATE experts have compiled these valuable overviews of the offerings from AQA, Edexcel, WJEC Eduqas and OCR. We hope that they will prove useful to colleagues deciding on specifications and planning schemes of work.

The February 2015 edition of our Teaching English magazine explores these specifications in detail, with additional tables for the new AS courses. It will also be available online for members – yet another reason to join NATE.


Detailed and simplified comparison tables of the specifications:

Advanced Level

The documents are all in print-ready PDF format; please ensure that any copies you make bear the NATE name and logo.

Always check the complete specification

You should of course always check the board’s own specifications for the full requirements and any updates:

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