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From February 2013, NATE's new Teaching English magazine will combine the most popular features of both English Drama Media and NATE Classroom magazine.

The archive of all issues of English Drama Media will continue to be available to members free of charge.

In October 2012, NATE published the final issue of English Drama MediaNATE's professional journal. It is essential reading for everyone involved in the teaching of English, drama and media, promoting dynamic approaches to curriculum and pedagogy and keeping the profession in touch with national debates and developments. The journal is available as part of the NATE subscription package. All visitors to this site can access a sample article from the most recent issue and view a roundup of themes and content in the archive

In 2013, NATE's new magazine Teaching English, will combine the most popular features of both English Drama Media and NATE Classroom magazine.

NATE's other termly publication for members continues to be the prestigious research journal English in Education. Articles and features from all three publications are gathered together in themed NATE Collections, also free to download by members.



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Issue #14

June 2009

Featured Articles

The Good Teacher: Images of Teachers in Popular Culture

Ann Harris examines representations of English teachers in popular film

Reframing Literacy: A Film Pitch for the 21st Century

Mark Reid argues for a definition of literacy that embraces a range of different media

Building 'The Wall': Analysing Narrative in Film and Literature to Improve Writing

Lance Hanson explores ways of using analysis of film to complement literary analysis

Changing Ads: Envisaging Media Study in the Post-Digital Age

Jenny Graham discusses the impact on media study of changes in media consumption in recent years

Making Sense of Pictures: A Beginner's Guide to Teaching visual Images

Trevor Millum explores how we can help students to read visual images

On the page or Off the Wall: Films, Books, Choice, Pleasure

Sabrina Broadbent explores the potential of film in schools

The New GCSEs: A Guide to Forthcoming Changes in GCSE English

Simon Gibbons and Keith Davidson examine the drafting and publication of the new GCSE criteria



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