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Collections of contemporary thinking, ideas and activities in NATE articles and feature 

Get the latest thinking, ideas, and some practical strategies about some key topics in one neat collection! We have saved you research time by gathering together a variety of articles to inform and inspire when you are preparing to tackle these subjects in the classroom, lecturing on related topics or in need of an energising snapshot of current thinking.

These collections of NATE articles, available as one complete file (pdf), downloadable free of charge from the Members' area of the NATE website, are drawn from two NATE periodicals:

and specific links are provided to our peer-reviewed research journal English in Education, taking NATE members directly to related articles on the Wiley Blackwell site. Non-members who buy Collections 1, 2 or 3 from the NATE Bookshop will find one linked article from English in Education downloadable free of charge. 

The collections are gathered around the areas of interest most prevalent over the five years of publication 2007-2011. The themed articles 20 in each collection will be invaluable to:

  • all teachers who want to plan a half-term series of lessons on a relevant theme
  • to Heads of English who are planning Inset on a given topic
  • to PGCE or English Education lecturers who want to bring themselves and their students up-to-date on aspects of current practice and research
  • to consultants or curriculum leaders who want to refresh their own thinking, or garner fresh approaches and ideas.

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The collections available now are:

Collection 1: Writing inspiration and craft (KS2, KS3 & KS4)

Collection 2: Reading and responding to fiction (KS2, KS3 & KS4)

Collection 3: Reading and responding to poetry (KS2, KS3 & KS4)

Collection 4: Promoting the enjoyment of reading (KS2 to KS5)

Collection 5: Shakespeare (KS2 to KS5)

Collection 6: Speaking and Listening (KS2 to KS4)

The collections are also available to non-members at a cost of only £12.50 per collection from the NATE bookshop


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