GfW: FictionGrammar for Writing Schemes of Work

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These lesson plans and resources, downloadable from the Members' area, were created to support Year 8 students in becoming more critical and creative writers, able to make choices in their writing and able to talk about them with confidence.

With activities designed to engaging and motivating, grammatical constructions and terminology were introduced at points directly relevant to the focus of learning.  The schemes are not designed to be a grammar course; grammar was closely linked to effects and meaning-making, with the aim of opening up a repertoire of possibilities, not to teach about 'correct' ways of writing.

Each of the three original schemes addresses a different genre of writing Fiction, Poetry and Argument – with three-week plans of learning including explicit teaching of sentence-level objectives. The fourth and latest collection here – Shaping Practice was created by teachers at schools involved in the original project and piloting of resources. Shaping Practice includes three schemes on ‘Powerful Poetry’, ‘Writing Horror’ and ‘Designing Descriptive Writing’, with reference to another scheme already published online: ‘Dystopian Story Openings’.

All NATE members are invited to log in now, to download these resources free of charge. There are three downloadable pdfs, which comprise a contents list, introduction, glossary, medium term plan and weekly lesson plans followed by numbered resources. The additional files contain relevant PowerPoint slides.

The resources are also available to non-members at a cost of only £7.50 per scheme from the NATE bookshop.


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