Developing English Subject Knowledgeproviding pedagogical support, advice, resources and recommendations for all practitioners of English

What is NATE’s Developing English Subject Knowledge page?

Dr Rachel Roberts (Chair of NATE) provides an overview:

“The joy (and challenge) of teaching English is the continual development of subject knowledge – whether it is refreshing your familiarity of a classic, exploring the contexts and ‘hinterland’ knowledge for a new specification, or more general exploration of an area such as grammar or language, this page is for you.  It contains a combination of book recommendations, articles, online courses, websites, blogs and other media on specific texts and pedagogy.

If you have something to recommend, please email NATE’s Director, Jonathan Morgan @ for potential inclusion).  Please note that this is a work is progress and we will continue to update/add to these pages.

Explore and enjoy!”