NATE’s Management team

Peter Thomas

(Chair & Trustee)

Formerly Head of English, Lecturer, Institute for Learning, University of Hull, GCSE Principal Examiner & Principal Moderator, author of The Complete Shakespearience and many (out-of-print…) titles. Sustained by Dickens, Austen, Hardy, Wordsworth, Hopkins, Scannell, Harrison, Duffy, and Luke Wright. Also sustained by The Lakes and a spaniel called Max.

Raina Parker

(Vice Chair & Trustee)

Second in English, Queen Elizabeth School, Penrith
Moved gradually northwards as Head of Year, Literacy Co-ordinator and Head of Department in schools in Croydon, Telford and Whitehaven. Still find English teaching the best, most rewarding, most important thing I do, even if is also the most exhausting and draining!

Alison Smith

(Past Chair & Trustee)

Teaching and Development Leader, Ulverston Victoria High School.
Alison is a senior GCSE examiner with 20+ years’ experience of GCSE assessment. She has written guides to GCSE for OUP and is a shoe-lover with a penchant for gin, crochet and a good book.

Mick Connell

(Secretary & Trustee)

PGDE Tutor at the University of Sheffield. Previously, Mick was a secondary English/drama teacher and a local authority English Adviser. His principal interests are the teaching of drama and poetry. Mick is a trustee for the Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah and enjoys acting and directing.

Barbara Conridge

(Treasurer & Trustee)

Primary English specialist. Career spanned Subject Lead in school to LA Curriculum, Assessment adviser and independent consultant.

Andy Goodwyn

(Research Officer & Trustee)

Former Head of English, PGCE English tutor and Chair of NATE, currently Professor & Head of The School of Education and English Language and Director of The Institute for Research in Education, University of Bedfordshire. Co-convenor of the British Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group, 'English in Education' and President of The International Federation for The Teaching of English.

Christine Thomas

(Regional Activities Officer)

English teacher, school leader, A level and GCSE examiner and consultant at primary and secondary level. Articles published by the National Literacy Trust. Executive Trustee of Building Self-Belief CIO, a charity supporting better communities by building on the self-belief of our young people.

Gary Snapper

(Editor, Teaching English)

Ex-Head of English who now does a mix of teaching, teacher-training (at Oxford and at Cambridge), research, writing and consultancy. His main interests the teaching of literature post-16, and the teaching of poetry. Recently moved from Oxford to Leicester.

Janet Gough

(Editor, Primary English)

Janet has been Assistant Head, English Subject Lead and a Leading Literacy teacher for the National Strategy. Her English & Literacy consultancy role includes the teaching of grammar, punctuation and spelling, and the development of vocabulary and comprehension skills. She is an experienced marker of the KS2 GPS test and a Senior Coder involved in test development.

John Hodgson

(Editor, English in Education)

John has taught in secondary school and university departments of English and Cultural Studies. He chairs the NATE Post-16 and HE Committee. His published research covers various aspects of English studies, with a special interest in the student transition from secondary to higher education.

Jonathan Morgan

Director of Communication and Development

A former Secondary English Consultant, Head of English and Principal Examiner for GCSE English, Jonathan has published a range of KS3 and GCSE textbooks for students and teachers. A proud Mancunion, and a Manchester City fan, Jonathan tries to ensure his day job doesn’t interfere too much with his passion for writing, film-making and guitar playing. Jonathan has selflessly decided to reject the hugely lucrative offers from Hollywood to use the numerous radio/TV and film scripts he created during his MA in Scriptwriting so that he can encourage English teachers to use their love of the subject and their creativity to inspire others.