Promoting best practice for successful learning and happy students

NATE currently has more than 2800 members, which includes a third of all secondary schools in England.

About us

The association is run on a voluntary basis through elected executive and council committees. Members are affiliated to a network of regional branches.

The association has a range of committees and working parties which address current concerns, disseminate knowledge and ideas, promote the work of the association and seek to represent the views of the association to national bodies, local authorities, the DfE, Ofsted and to the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) and examination boards.

NATE office: the Association’s administrative base is in Sheffield where there are offices and a meeting room.

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. Full contact details can be found here.

International Federation of the Teachers of English

NATE is an active member of the International Federation of the Teachers of English (IFTE) where it seeks to share the experience of English teachers in the UK and learn from teachers in diverse parts of the world.

The National Association for the Teaching of English works to:

  • Promote standards of excellence in the teaching of English from Early Years to University
  • Promote innovative and original ideas that have practical classroom outcomes
  • Support teachers’ own professional development through:
    Access to current research
    National and regional conferences
  • Provide an informed national voice on matters concerning the teaching of English and its related subjects
  • Encourage sharing and collaboration between teachers and learners of English and its related subjects

NATE is a real life-line in so many ways for English teachers. Having attended a number of NATE conferences over the years as well used many NATE resources, I know what a wonderful professional association it is: supportive, understanding and incredibly helpful. Every English teacher should join NATE if they want to improve their practice and to have a voice in the wider educational world.

Francis Gilbert - www.francisgilbert.co.uk

NATE has been a constant source of support and inspiration throughout my three decades of teaching. Its publications have enabled me to keep abreast of developments in English education from primary to university level, as well as offering a wealth of ideas to try out in the classroom. Now, more than ever, NATE’s commitment to both the theory and practice of teaching makes it an invaluable resource.

Jenny Stevens